Stand up against the Liberal government's mandatory buyback program

Bill Blair and the Liberal government want to confiscate your guns.

The Liberals gave IBM a $1.2 million contract to design and implement a mandatory buyback program of the firearms of law-abiding gun owners.

This gun confiscation would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and do little to actually stop violent crime.

We need to send a message to Bill Blair and the Liberals that Canadians are against this. 

Sign my petition if you're against the confiscation. When you sign this petition, my office will send a copy of the letter below to Minister Blair's office to let him know that you oppose the buyback program. 

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Hon. Bill Blair, M.P.

House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Confederation Building

Suite 107

RE: Stop the government’s proposed buyback program

Dear Minister Blair,

I’ve recently signed Member of Parliament David Yurdiga’s petition to stop the government’s proposed buyback program at

This proposed buyback program would see the confiscation of firearms from law-abiding gun owners while doing little to stop violent crime in addition to costing hundreds of millions of dollars to implement. The government’s priority should be targeting illegal gun smuggling operations instead of targeting honest Canadians who own guns for the purpose of sport shooting and hunting.

I’m asking that along with the rest of cabinet, you reconsider your government’s position on a buyback program and reverse the ban on a list of firearms made last year.


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cc:   David Yurdiga, M.P.

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